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Executive Director

As an officer in the German Armed Forces, Dr Tilman Spangenberg began his career by studying economics and business administration with a focus on strategic planning and corporate management. With his thesis on practical aspects of early recognition of opportunities and risks in the corporate environment, he earned a doctorate in economics. In 2003 he entered business and became a professional in financial consulting and direct sales. With new assignments, Dr. Spangenberg was able to expand his experience in the areas of change management, M&A, development of new business areas and (financial) controlling of international companies. Various positions as managing director in medium-sized companies as well as CFO in multinational corporations formed the background for a successful start of WellNetIQ!

"All experiences from the past come together and concentrate in this new company - based on excellent products with the possibility to manage it professionally, but with the awareness that we are driven by people, that we are responsible for our partners and that passion, talent and work will mix to a great future!"


Together with my wife Hanka and our 3 sons we live in the heart of Europe - in Austria, in the middle of nature, in the Waldviertel. We have been successfully active in the health sector for a long time and until recently led a very pleasant, tranquil life..... until.... our lives suddenly changed!

The hemp came....

and suddenly nothing was the same any more!

We felt the positive feedback from the customer side like never before, which is also impressively shown by the high repeat purchase rates!

However, the interest of many people in the health sector, but also of very successful partners from other distribution companies to join us here on a business level, has exceeded even our wildest expectations by far!

We have already built up more than 10,000 partners and customers worldwide and therefore we know exactly what it takes to take new partners by the hand right from the start and accompany them to success with our step-by-step guide.


IT & Customer Service (CIO)


My passion is to use the possibilities of IT and digitalisation in such a way that they support us humans in our personal and professional development and growth.

Over the last 30 years I have supported over 10,000 people in their personal and professional development as managers, in sales and in IT and customer service.

In more than 100 projects, I have been able to show that we humans work in a satisfied and efficient manner when IT and digitalisation effectively support us in our daily processes and tasks.

"At WellNetIQ I can now combine my years of experience and my curiosity for innovation and new ways and bring them to bear for the development and growth of the partners and employees and the positioning of WellNetIQ ;-)"

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Take the chance and become part of it.

Our team of managers and selected experts with many years of experience in network marketing will support you in your growth.

You decide how much you want to build and expand your financial freedom with us.

Find out more about the income and growth opportunities here.

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WellNetIQ Products

We believe in the power of cannabinoids.

Our WellNetIQ products are of the highest quality, THC-free, vegan, organic and grown in Germany.

This is the most important foundation for the health of your partners and customers and therefore your reputation and success.

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Our leaders have years (individual partners more than 35 years) of experience in the business.

And we know that your success as a partner is made possible by a team and leaders who pull together.

What counts for us is that we are successful together and that we support each other in our growth.

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Our products
are vegan

Our cannabinoid products are broad spectrum products,
made from organically grown hemp from Germany.