Become a WellNetIQ Partner


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You will receive a registration link from the person who gave you the contact to the WellNetIQ website.

Then in 3 minutes everything is ready for you to start with and at WellNetIQ.

After your registration you will immediately get access to
the WellNetIQ Partner Shop and your WellNetIQ Partner Portal.

Register as
WellNetIQ Partner


The first step is your registration as a WellNetIQ partner.

  • Fill out the partner registration form.
  • Choose a Starker package (one-time special conditions at registration)
  • Select your payment method for the partner annual fee and the chosen starter package
  • and you are ready to go and have access to your Partner Portal.

Your Partner
Portal & Shop


In the WellNetIQ Partner Portal you will find next to the Partner Shop with the reduced partner prices.

  • Your current monthly rank,
  • Your daily monthly commission,
  • Your daily achieved bonuses and incentives,
  • Your daily status of your legs and your team,
  • Your orders and invoices including delivery tracking links.
  • Your commission and bonus statements
  • Your partner and customer links
    and much more.


Partner App


With the MyWellNetIQ Partner App you get information and tools for your growth in one place.

You have access to:

  • Latest Partner News
  • Latest Partner Event Info
  • Exclusive products news (even before they go on sale)
  • Current partner promotions and incentives
  • Commission calculator
  • Tools for your growth
    Training and coaching programmes for WellNetIQ partners
  • and much more

We are happy that you want become a 

WellNetIQ Partner

Find out here about the

  • advantages of the starter packages and
  • how you can register as a partner

in a few minutes. 


Explainer video

Register as a WellNetIQ Partner


This is how you can register as a new partner in the
WellNetIQ Partner Portal.


Please open the WellNetIQ Partner Portal:

Then click on "Register".

Open WellNetIQ Partner Portal

Enter your data in the mandatory fields.

Then choose your starter package or the option "I will start as a partner without starter package" (= only the annual membership fee will be charged).

You can choose the payment method (default is credit card payment)

Now you confirm the contract partner conditions, data protection guidelines and you become an independent WellNetIQ contract partner by checking the two boxes.

Finally, click on the button "Register as a partner".

Now enter your credit card details and click on the "Pay" button.

If you want, you can "remember" this card. This means that the next time you pay, you can confirm the credit cards with one click.

As soon as this confirmation message appears, you have successfully registered as a partner.

By clicking on "Back to start page" you will be taken directly to the Partner Shop.

An email including the invoice for the start package including the annual membership fee or only the annual membership fee, which you have previously selected, will now be automatically sent to the email specified during partner registration.


Your decision

Become part of the WellNetIQ team


When you register as a WellNetIQ Ambassador, you have the opportunity,
share your product experience and leadership skills with your network,
literally around the world. At the moment we are present in all EU countries and the UK, with many more countries deliberately joining.


Would you like to have an Individual Start Plan??

We would love to talk to you in person!

Send us your 2-3 possible dates,
when you are available.

We will call you back and personally explain your concrete start-up possibilities, including tips from our many years of experience in this business.

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